Helping children heal – A social worker’s experience

girl with long hair in field of flowers

“Gill, have you seen her hair lately? It’s so long and thick now, it’s beautiful!” “Oh my goodness, so it is!” This was me chatting with one of our adoptive mums, whose 6-year-old daughter had come into her home, and heart, just over a year earlier. Amazingly, her little girl now had the most gorgeous […]

Adolescence and Identity Issues

2 teenagers on their mobile phones

We are delighted to be holding an Adolescence and Identity Issues virtual training event on 28, April from 10am until 12 noon. It would be useful for those parenting an adolescent, or for those whose children are reaching adolescence and explores some of the particular issues around adolescence for adopted young people. If you would […]

Adopting children during a pandemic – from a couple who actually did it

We adopted our children during the pandemic ‘Mummy, where do you buy a ball?’ ‘Err, is this question or a joke?’ ‘A joke.’ ‘Right. I don’t know, where do you buy a ball?’ ‘A shop!’ Have you ever tried teaching a 5-year-old the intricacies of a joke? Sometimes it feels like we sit at a […]