Theraplay Training

Annie Kierrmar, trainer from the Theraplay Institute Chicago, and Louise Howath from After Adoption Manchester, assisted by Rita Grant of St Andrew’s Children’s Society, delivered Theraplay training to a diverse group of 31 people here at the Society’s Edinburgh office.

It was a full five day week programme, focussed on how Theraplay can help create more trusting and secure attachments between children and their care givers. Theraplay is proving to be a significantly positive experience for adopted families. It is no surprise that many social workers, educators, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services workers, and independent therapists are seeking out this training in order to work with their families. A great atmosphere and enthusiasm lent itself to participants engaging in the training as much as they could….and they did! Plenty of laughter, play and imagination were in full flow, along with the serious side of addressing attachment, trauma and recovery.

A big thank you to everyone who attended.