Duty of Candour Report 2018-2019

St Andrew’s Children’s Society

Duty of Candour Report 2018/2019



  1. How many incidents happened to which the duty of candour applies?

In the last year (1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019), there have been no incidents to which the duty of candour applied.


  1. Information about our policies and procedures

In the event of an incident occurring that triggers a duty of candour, our staff would report this to the Service Manager, who has responsibility for ensuring that the duty of candour procedure is followed. Where required, the Care Inspectorate will be notified. When an incident has occurred, we will ensure that subjects are informed, that we meet with them to discuss the incident and apologise.  A learning review meeting will be convened to reflect on what has happened and to take actions to prevent any further event.