How to transfer fostering agencies

How to change fostering agencies

Wondering how to transfer fostering agencies? If you are considering moving from another fostering agency or your local authority to St Andrew’s Children’s Society we can help you with the whole process.

We follow the guidance in the Fostering Network’s Transfer of foster carers protocol Scotland – 2015.

Please get in touch today for a confidential conversation about switching to St Andrew’s Children’s Society by calling 0131 454 3370 or email We would be happy to hear from you.

Reasons why people might want to transfer to us

Sometimes people want to transfer from one fostering agency or their local authority to another fostering organisation. Here are some common reasons why people may want to transfer to St Andrew’s Children’s Society.

We offer our foster carers a personal approach. We are a small and very friendly charity and you will quickly feel like part of our family and not just another foster carer. This is what one of our foster carers said about fostering through us in our most recent Care Inspectorate review “We feel part of St Andrew’s Children’s Society very much and are proud to be fostering through them.”

We know our foster carers are totally committed to helping the foster children in their care and that they make huge sacrifices so that they can care for them. We know it can be challenging and hard at times. And we are so grateful to all our foster carers for what they do. If you foster through us we will value you for the incredible job you do to help the children in your care to feel safe and part of a loving home.

When you are a foster carer the support you receive from the fostering agency you are with is incredibly important. We will support you through all the ups and downs of fostering. This comment was made by one of our foster carers when they were interviewed for our latest Care Inspectorate review “My social worker is always available for any issues that may arise.”

The training we offer you is tailored to you. We don’t have a one size fits all approach to training for our foster carers because not all foster carers will need the same training. You will benefit from the right training at the right time for you.

We are the only agency in Scotland to offer the SafeBase Parenting Programme to its foster carers. SafeBase is a therapeutic programme for carers and parents of children who have attachment difficulties. You can read more about this crucial training here

We offer all our foster carers the opportunity to do Theraplay training. You can read more about this fun and highly effective training here

While we know that nobody becomes a foster carer because of the fostering fees and allowances that they will receive, bills do still need to be paid and we want you to feel valued for the important job you do.

We offer a very competitive fee of £280 per week per child plus a weekly rate from £149.66 to £258.23 per child depending on the child’s age. The total rate per child per week goes from £429.66 to £538.23 depending on the child’s age.

You can view the full fostering fees and allowances here.  

We have been helping people to adopt and foster for over 100 years. We celebrated our Centenary in 2022 and the work we do was even recognised in The Scottish Parliament in March 2023 when Christine Grahame MSP secured a Members’ debate in our name to congratulate us on our Centenary. 

You can view the Scottish Parliament debate here

We have a very low turnover of staff which means that you and your social worker will be able to build a lasting relationship and you will be able to get to know everyone who works here.

If you would like to discuss what fostering entails to help you decide if it is right for you please contact us on 0131 454 3370 (if you live within 60 miles of Edinburgh) or 01224 878 158 (if you live within 60 miles of Aberdeen or Elgin).

You can ask as many questions as you like to help you make your decision.

Alternatively, please email and we will get back to you.

We are always looking for foster carers for children of all ages who could provide short term, long term and respite foster care.

Take the next step now!

One of our social workers will then contact you.

Alternatively, please call us on 0131 454 3370 (if you live within 60 miles of Edinburgh) or 01224 878 158 (if you live within 60 miles of Aberdeen or Elgin) or email and we’ll send you an enquiry form to complete and return.

If you have any questions or are unsure if you can adopt or foster through us, please contact us anyway using the details above to speak with one of our social workers.

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“We feel part of St Andrew’s Children’s Society very much and are proud to be fostering through them.”