Who adopts?

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Who adopts? 

Many people in Scotland adopt through St Andrew’s Children’s Society and for many different reasons. These are just some of the reasons why people adopt through our Edinburgh and Aberdeen adoption and fostering offices. 

People who are unable to conceive  

We regularly receive adoption enquiries from couples who, for a variety of reasons, have experienced fertility problems. Often, they may have gone through in vitro fertilisation treatment (IVF) to try to start a family. There are strict criteria for IVF to be funded through the NHS so it is not always an option for all. Whilst IVF can be the preferred route for some to build a family, the process can be stressful. Couples can also choose to go to a private clinic.  

We are happy to help couples who have been unable to conceive using IVF. However, we would not look to progress an application to adopt from anyone who is still in the process of having IVF treatment. We would also ask people to take some time out after their final round of IVF before making an application to adopt with us (this can be discussed with a social worker from St Andrew’s Children’s Society but we would suggest at least 6 months from the end of their final IVF treatment). This time is critical to encourage and support the couple to

  • grieve their loss/disappointment at not being able to become pregnant.
  • grieve their loss/disappointment at not being able to carry a pregnancy.
  • grieve any miscarriages.
  • mentally and emotionally recover from this experience before embarking on the route of adoption.
  • prepare for the joys and challenges of being parents to an adopted child. 

People who have experienced miscarriage 

People who have experienced miscarriage and do not want to try to conceive again have adopted through us. We understand how upsetting going through a miscarriage is and are proud of our connection to MISS, a miscarriage support service based in Aberdeen that covers the whole of Scotland.

Similarly to couples who have tried to start a family through IVF, we ask that couples who have experienced a miscarriage wait at least 6 months from when they experienced their loss before they start the adoption process with us.  

People who feel adoption is the right path for them 

Many people adopt through us because they feel strongly that it is the right thing for them to do. They may have a birth child or children already or they may have decided that they only want to start a family through adoption 

People who have hereditary health conditions  

Sometimes we receive enquiries from people who want to adopt because they have had genetic testing and as a result, know they have a hereditary condition which they would pass onto their child if they were to conceive naturally. By adopting, they know that they will not be passing the hereditary health conditions on. 

People who are single

We also receive enquiries to adopt from people who are single. We have helped many single people to adopt.

Same-sex couples 

We regularly receive enquiries to adopt from same-sex couples. We know that some members of the LGBTQ+ community worry that they will be treated differently when they enquire about adopting through a local authority or an adoption agency. We’re pleased to say that they need not worry if they contact St Andrew’s Children’s Society. We have many LGBTQ+ adopters and they are treated just like any other adopter, with respect and understanding.  


Would you like to adopt through our adoption and fostering agency in Edinburgh or Aberdeen? The whole process takes on average 18 months and we would guide you through every step of your adoption journey with us. Our adopters often comment on the personalised approach they receive when they adopt through us. We also offer our adopters lifelong adoption support, which means that you won’t be left on your own once the child or children are placed with you. We will always be here for you.  

If you would like to take the next step, please call 0131 454 3370, email info@standrews-children.org.uk or make an enquiry now. 


Tara Macgregor

Head of Marketing