Fostering – one family’s story

baby and brother from fostering family lying on a sheepskin rug looking at the camera

What made you think about fostering a child?

I worked in children’s homes and it was always my dream that one day I would be fostering children.

What almost held you back from fostering?

I thought my age would be a problem but I am so grateful for St Andrew’s Children’s Society for accepting us as foster carers. Age should not be a hindrance to offering children a home especially when life experience comes with time.

How have the children you fostered benefited from living with you?

All 5 of my boys were treated like they were all of our own children. They are given a safe home where they are loved, allowing them to thrive. Fostering was the best thing I have ever done and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Why did you choose to foster through us?

St Andrew’s Children’s Society was the best we found having attended other organisations. They addressed the difficult areas of care in training, so important for foster carers to manage all areas of difficulty. I will always recommend St Andrew’s Children’s Society as they give constant support and really care for the children. They place children depending on what the carers have to offer which is very important. I think for anyone considering becoming a carer there is no better organisation.

A note from one of our boys

Alice and Brian fostered me at eight years old and from the moment I met them they treated me like their own son. I was constantly made to feel loved and given a place to grow, learn, have fun, make mistakes, make memories and laugh. I will never be able to thank them enough for everything they have done for me. If anyone wanting to become a foster carer can be half as selfless and driven in changing lives as Alice and Brian then they will do a fantastic job.

We need more foster carers

We are immensely grateful to the St Andrew’s Children’s Society foster care family who wrote this blog post. The problem is that we still desperately need more permanent foster carers. There are far too many vulnerable children living in Scotland waiting to be fostered on a short term, long term and short break (also known as respite) basis.

Could you foster a child on a permanent basis and offer them a safe and loving home?

Fostering Monthly Drop-in Events Fostering drop-in event picture showing a foster carer and 2 fostered children playing together inside

Come along to our next monthly Fostering Monthly Drop-in Event to speak to us about fostering. Our Fostering monthly drop-in events take place on the last Wednesday of the month (except in December) in our Edinburgh Office (7 John’s Place, Edinburgh, EH6 7EL). They run from 10am until 12 noon and then from 2pm until 4pm. You can also phone us on 0131 454 3370, email us on or ask to have a Zoom call during that time.

There’s no need to book ahead, just pop in or get in touch whenever it suits you during those times. We will be able to answer all of your questions about fostering and tell you more about the vulnerable children waiting to be fostered on a permanent basis. In addition, we’ll tell you about the rate of pay and foster care allowances available to you.

Find out About Fostering 1-2-1 Events

We also hold Find out About Fostering 1-2-1 events where you have the opportunity to speak to one of our foster carers and two of our social workers about what it’s like to foster a child on a permanent basis through St Andrew’s Children’s Society.

Please check the Events tab on our website for the next Fostering event or call 0131 454 3370.


This blog post was written by a St Andrew’s Children’s Society foster family.

All names have been changed to protect the identity of the family.