Extreme HYROX challenge being undertaken by GB age-group athlete for St Andrew’s Children’s Society

Joel Enoch wearing a St Andrew's Children's Society branded T-shirt in front of a Hyrox pop up banner

Joel, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My Name is Joel Enoch and I’m an Edinburgh based GB age-group athlete. I’ve always loved sport and do it because I think our bodies are an extraordinary gift that we need to cherish and use well. I want to pass this passion and the lessons that God has taught me through sport to other people – which I do through my role as a Paralympic Coach for British Cycling – and I hope that some of my example inspires other people towards fitness, health and the resulting experiences and relationships that can be enjoyed. Joel Enoch out running getting ready for Hyrox challenge


Why have you chosen to raise money for St Andrew’s Children’s Society? 

Every child is born into the world with so much possibility and I find it upsetting when they are not able to shine as brightly as they may because of factors outside their control. I want all children to have the best start possible in their life and so I have chosen two charities that focus their work on providing children with a brighter future than they might have otherwise had. A loving and safe home is the least any child should have and St Andrew’s Children’s Society work in finding these homes for those that need it could not be more important. 

Can you tell us about the fundraising challenge you’ve set yourself? 

I plan to complete FOUR rounds of the global endurance event known as HYROX in a single day.  

HYROX is a global functional fitness event that has burst onto the international scene in the past 4 years in which participants are challenged to run eight one kilometre runs each separated by a functional fitness movement. The average time is around 1:40, the best complete a round in 60-70 minutes. No one is known to have completed more than two in a day so my attempt to complete four is a world first for the event. 

HYROX have been hugely supportive of the challenge, helping with entry fees and being very open to the logistical considerations. They have not allowed anyone to do anything like this before, so I am very grateful to them. 


When and where will the HYROX challenge take place? 

The fundraising challenge takes place at the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) in Glasgow on Saturday, 11 February 2023.  


How have you prepared for the event? Joel Enoch competing in a Hyrox challenge

Training for this challenge is nearly impossible. But I wanted to do it now as it is off the back of over a year’s preparation which should help me to be able to complete it.  

  • Firstly, I did HYROX last January – so I learned about the event.  
  • Then I competed in a season of Aquathlon races – developing my general condition and race specific fitness.  
  • I followed this by running the London Marathon for charity in October – gaining good endurance.
  • Then I undertook about 12 weeks strength training for an attempt to qualify for the World HYROX Championships which I managed to do.  


All this prep – plus 20 years in sport as an athlete and coach – should give me a shot at completing the challenge…it’s not guaranteed though!  


How can people get involved? 

People can get involved by giving and also sharing this blog post and the donation page to their communities, groups and networks. No one has to give more than £1 if we spread the word to a few thousand people. Spreading the word is key – please help.  

Spectators are welcome at the event and can pay on the door and the event will be filmed and available on my YouTube channel in a few weeks’ time (Search for: TriCoachJoel). 


How to donate to Joel’s fundraising page

If you would like to donate to Joel’s utterly incredible fundraising challenge, please click on this link – thank you: 

ONE Day FOUR Hyrox Endurance Fitness Challenge (dogive.com)