Donate to St Andrew’s Children’s Society.

Our highly skilled and dedicated Social Work staff work tirelessly to meet the needs of children for whom adoption or fostering is the only way to ensure they become part of a loving and caring family.

Formed in 1922, St Andrew’s Children’s Society is the largest adoption agency working in Scotland. Our services are flexible and responsive to the widely differing needs of the children themselves and of the individuals, couples and families seeking to adopt. We welcome adopters from the broad spectrum of society, regardless of ethnic origin, religious persuasion or sexual orientation, in line with the provisions of the Adoption & Children (Scotland) Act 2007. There are far more children in need of adoption or fostering than there are suitable homes for them. St Andrew’s Children’s Society plays a key role in helping to maximise opportunities for adoption and fostering in Scotland, enabling many children to make a new start in life. The adopters we work with live throughout Central and North East Scotland, but the children we place come from throughout the UK. We work closely with adoption agencies and local authorities nationwide

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